Improve the quality of racing at your Yacht Club Today

SailingWise provides the technology, tools, and know-how to get more entrants in your races, producing better competition, to retain and attract more members.


SailingWise combines accurate spatial modelling, numeric analysis, and local wind data to produce actionable insights.


Modern web-based and mobile-optimised tools for making smart decisions. No more clunky spreadsheets.


We're here to provide the expert advice and support to super-charge your club racing.


Tide Planning

How much time do you waste wrestling with tide tables to plan each sailing season, and still miss sailing opportunities or make mistakes? Learn more

Modern visualisations

See at a glance every time there is enough water to sail in, and exactly how long for.

Collaborate & Share

Allow your colleagues to easily work together on the plan, and share the current schedule directly into sailors phone calendars.

Maximise your Sailing

Taking advantage of spring and neap tides, and long summer days to slot extra races and cruises into the schedule.

Tide Planning is available now: Learn more


Race Course Optimisation

Quality racing requires quality courses, and this is a challenge using fixed marks. SailingWise helps visually and numerically analyse your course options.

Historic wind data

Use historic wind data to make sure you have high quality course options for every wind direction that you sail in.

Make informed changes

Design new courses and model proposed mark positions. Eliminate redundant courses.

Spatially accurate

A few degrees is the difference between a leg with tactical options and one with none. SailingWise uses GPS mark positions to accurately model courses.

Race Course Selection

SailingWise helps your race officers select the very best course for the wind and conditions every race.

Aligned to the wind direction

True upwind and downwind legs provide tactical choices to crews, and prevent boring follow-the-leader racing.

Length options

Find the right course lengths for the wind speed, and review options for shortening courses if necessary.

Online and Offline

Available as a mobile-optimised online tool or in a printed version.

Race Course Maps

SailingWise produces well-designed course charts without the hassle, whether it's for a season or an individual regatta.

Clean and Accurate Printed Maps

Created by a professional cartographer, spatially accurate colour and black & white course maps for printing.

Mobile-Optimised Online Maps

Competitors can quickly look up courses from their phones or tablets.

GPS Downloads

Courses are available for loading into yacht chartplotters and navigation apps.

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