How much time do you waste wrestling with tide tables to plan each sailing season, and still miss sailing opportunities or make mistakes?

You know you should be taking advantage of spring and neap tides, and long summer days to slot extra races and cruises into the schedule. But planning with tides is tedious and error-prone: the basic tide table hasn’t changed since 1770 and doesn’t help you.

And because of this tide table tedium, it’s difficult to collaborate with others when planning: meaning you’re left doing it all, and with the pressure of producing a great season of sailing to retain and grow the active membership in your club.

Large regattas often require selecting specific dates years into the future and finding out your flagship event has been planned over a period with unusually high or low tides causes everyone unnecessary stress.

A way to maximise sailing opportunities each season... quickly and accurately.

But what if you could see at a glance every time there is enough water to sail in, and exactly how long for? If you and your colleagues could easily work together on the plan, and share the current schedule directly into sailors phone calendars.

Give your club a great season on the water, taking every available sailing opportunity. And you never have to pore over a tide table again.

Plan like a pro with a modern online planner where you can see tides and daylight and easily work with others. Focus on the times you can actually sail and save hours of checking and rechecking. Leave sourcing accurate tide data to us. When your planning is finished, publish it directly into members calendars.

Bring your schedule together quickly and flawlessly so you can enjoy your season out on the water.

Tide Planner

What tide data do you use?
We license and use official national sources of tide predictions, and always let you know where the tide data comes from. If you have your own source of tide data we can import & use it.
Can you plan more than a year into the future?
Yes! Where official tide predictions haven’t been published yet we use a computer model to predict tides several years into the future. These models are similar what the official agencies use, and when the official tables do finally get published they aren’t usually different by more than an hour — definitely accurate enough to pick the right weekend for your regatta the year after next.
How much does it cost?
We're not charging during our early access period as we fine-tune the planner.
Is this just for sailing clubs?
No, we're definitely interested in exploring other uses. Please get in touch.

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